CONTACT: Cathy Swift
Release Date: August 30, 2006

The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching - MERLOT (at Announces the 2006 MERLOT Awards for Exemplary Online Learning Resources.

This program recognizes and promotes outstanding online resources designed to enhance teaching and learning and to honor the authors and developers of these resources for their contributions to the academic community.

Each of the MERLOT Editorial Boards selects an outstanding resource from its discipline to receive the MERLOT Classics award. The Editors' Council, composed of the editors of the Editorial Boards, further reviews the Classics awardees and selects among them the resource or resources they consider to be exemplary models for all disciplines. These resources receive the highest award of honor, the MERLOT Editors' Choice award. The winners of the 2006 Editors' Choice award and the 2006 Classics award were honored with a ceremony at the 2006 MERLOT International Conference, held August 8-11 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Anne Zeiser, Jason J. Hunke & Karen Cariani (WGBH - Boston)

Cash Flow Management
David Annand
(Athabasca University)

Animated Chemistry Tutorials and Models
Patrick Wegner & Andrew Montana
(California State University @ Fullerton)

Engineering - Editors' Choice
Timothy Philpott
(University of Missouri @ Rolla)

Health Science
Neuroscience for Kids
Eric Chudler
(University of Washington)

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History
James von Geldern & Lewis Siegelbaum
(Macalester College)

Information Technology
Web Tutorials
David Adams
(Macon State College)

Larry Green's Applet Page
Larry Green
(Lake Tahoe Community College)

Jose Rodriguez Alvira
(Conservatory of Music - Puerto Rico)

Physics- Editors' Choice
PhET - Physics Education Technology
Carl Wieman, Noah Finkelstein, Kathy Perkins & Ron Le Master
(University of Colorado)

The Brain from Top to Bottom
Bruno Dubuc
(McGill University)

Introduction to Sampling Distribution of the Mean
Dale Berger
(Claremont Graduate University)

Teacher Education
Cyber Newseum
Mike Fetters
(Cyber Newseum)

Teaching and Technology
FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)
Bruce Ravelli & Zvjezdan Patz
(Mount Royal College)

World Languages
Páginas de ayuda para estudiantes de español
Enrique Yepes
(Bowdoin College)

For more information about the MERLOT Awards Program for Exemplary Online Learning Resources or how to become a sponsor, contact Cathy Swift; 972-363-2350